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In 1973, the Wyandanch Community Development Corporation decided to organize a committee to form a library. The members all lived in the Hamlet of Wyandanch. The committee members were: Geraldine Diggs, Barbara Rooks, Maria Lightner, Delia Burnett, Joyce Bagnall, Sister Carol Kenz and Edith Reisner.

After research and planning, the committee formed a budget and a plan for a library in Wyandanch. In June 1974, the voters approved a Referendum to establish a library.

The Marine Midland Bank donated the property for the library. The committee leased two portable buildings and placed them on the property. The address of the library would be 14 South 20th Street. The two portable buildings had to be moved to Wyandanch from the Springs School District, 75 miles away from Wyandanch, by trailers.

In October 1974, the two portable buildings were on their way to Wyandanch. The trailers with the two buildings arrived in Wyandanch. Once there, high winds blew one building off a trailer. Although the building was badly damaged, it was salvageable.

Deer Park Library donated hundreds of books. As soon as the library was established, cartons of books, which were stored in Trinity Lutheran Church, were sent to the library. The Board of Trustees appointed a director, Mr. Wendell Cherry. On November 11, 1975, the building was ready. Keys were given to Mr. Cherry and The Board of Trustees.

As the years went by, the library grew. The community voted to build a new library. Groundbreaking for the new library took place on Sunday, October 13, 1985. Four years later, in October 1989, the new library was opened.

After many years of operation, the Wyandanch Public Library now has a book collection that contains 112,000 volumes, as well as video and audio collections. The library has 45 computers, a Children’s Room, Adult Area, Community Room, Literacy Programs, ESL and GED Classes.

The Basement has been renovated with the latest technology; two meeting rooms and a reading area with special minority books that are out of print.

The Upper Level Mezzanine, which is in the process of construction, includes office space for staff members, quiet room study areas and a New Young Adult Area.

This library, which is a tremendous resource to the community, serves the hamlet of Wyandanch, and is a focal point for education, information, culture and civic activities.