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The Library encourages the use of the meeting room by Roosevelt-based civic, cultural or educational organizations. The use of the meeting room is intended to increase public awareness of the range of information available in the community and contribute to the vitality of the community. The use of the meeting room is based on availability.

Applications should be made to the Library Board through the Library Director on the appropriate form at least one month prior to the requested date of use.

Applications will be reviewed and given preference based upon availability and the order in which they are received.

Applicants must be ready to show upon request, that the organization is located in Roosevelt.

The application must be signed by an officer of the organization who is authorized under the applicants’ by-laws to sign contracts and must be present at all times.

Applicants are required to show proof of insurance covering the activities on the date (s) of the activity, and naming Roosevelt Public Library as the additional insured and loss payee.

Applicant assumes full responsibility for the preservation of order and assumes full liability for any damage to or loss of Library property. Applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the Roosevelt Public Library for any damage to private or public property, or any personal injury, which may occur during the activity.

All meetings held in the meeting room are open to the public without any restrictions. No admission fees may be collected nor any contributions solicited or collected on library premises.

Final authority for all applications is determined by the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library Board may cancel permission to use the premises at any time if the premises are needed for Library purposes, or if Library regulations are not followed.