Staff Code of Conduct

The primary responsibility of the staff is to offer prompt, efficient, impartial, courteous and friendly service to the public. Staff should always maintain an approachable demeanor and create a receptive, cordial atmosphere in which library users are welcome, irrespective of their age, race, appearance, social or intellectual status. Staff should bear in mind that they serve as the Library’s frontline ambassadors and as such become the “face” of the Library. In this capacity, their actions do much to form public opinion regarding the Library. Staff should never comment in a disparaging or condescending manner about patrons’ questions and/or opinions. Businesslike conduct is presupposed at all times. Expressions of personal differences and antagonisms have no place in the Library. Private problems, moods, or anxieties should be put aside as much as possible during working hours. Self-control is expected under all circumstances. In interactions with the public as well as with other employees, staff is expected to adhere to an ethical standard of appropriateness of behavior, judged not only by intent but also by impact. As public employees, staff may neither accept fees for service nor grant special favors or advantages to friends or acquaintances that use the Library. Staff should refer to sections of the Personnel Manual for further clarification on such matters as Conflict of Interest, Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment and Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace. Staff is expected to take an active interest in the improvement and development of the Library. Progressive ideas and constructive criticism are valuable commodities. Staff should never, however, voice critical comments regarding the Library, its employees, or its patrons in public areas. Instead, staff should support the needs and interests of the public in an innovative and highly responsive manner. Approved by the Board of Trustees of ABC Public Library at their regularly scheduled Board meeting, January 16, 2007.