Patron Complaint/Suggestion Policy

Patrons Suggestions or Complaint Policy (Refer to Appendix for Complaint Form)  The Wyandanch Public Library welcomes informal comments and suggestions from the public. In person/telephone comments and concerns, will receive immediate  attention and acknowledgement by any staff member approached or called by a  patron.

Patrons wishing to make a formal comment, suggestion or complaint are asked to complete a Patron Comment/Complaint Form and include our name, address, phone number, situation, staff member involved (if any), and other important information.  Any complaint that appears to involve professional judgment will immediately be  referred to the Library Director or to the professional staff member on duty at the  time. If no professional staff member is available, the information will be forwarded  to the Library Director as soon as possible. All written correspondence or writing will  be acknowledged, in writing as soon as possible.