Non-Resident Registration Requirements

Business & Professional Offices   All business and professional offices within the Wyandanch School District may receive a business card. The business then, is responsible for all materials loaned on this card.   The owner of the business or senior member or partner in a professional office must apply for this card. Only one card per business will be issued.   In this case, we must establish identification for both the business (tax bill, official letterhead, business  card, etc., and the usual individual ID), verify the applicant’s position in the firm (usually on letterhead, etc.) and obtain an alternate address (home address) of the person signing for the card.   Card is to be stamped “Local Use Only”.   Card is issued for three years in the name of the business with the responsible person’s name in  parentheses.   Property Owners   Persons owning property in the Wyandanch with corresponding zip code who are not otherwise entitled to a Suffolk  County Library card will be given a  Public Library card provided a tax bill or  deed to the property is presented at the time of registration.   Card is to be stamped “Local Use Only”.   Teachers and Students   Teachers and students in schools and colleges located within the Bay Shore School District may receive borrowing privileges while school is in session. Proper identification establishing permanent residence,  as well as verification of employment and/or enrollment must be presented.   Cards are to be stamped “Local Use Only”.   Cards are valid only until the end of the school year. Verification of status must be established each  September.  Transient Patrons  Patrons who are known to live in rooming houses are considered to be transient patrons.   Such patrons frequently lack identification. However, they should be able to present rent receipts, or  letters of residence. They must also be able to present proof of identity.   Sometimes a patron will simply tell us that they rent a room in such a residence, not an apartment.   In this case, such persons are given a 1 Book card, which entitles him to borrow one item at a time.  When such an item is returned, he or she may take another.   When such a patron has shown himself to be a responsible borrower for a period of not less than three  months, if he or she requests, we may increase the amount of materials he or she may borrow. This  must be approved on an individual basis by the library Director or his/her designee.   Library cards are to be stamped “Local Use Only”.   Adopted October 2023