Nepotism Policy

Relatives of the Board of Trustees, Administration and Department Heads are prohibited from being employed by the Library. The Library has determined that it will be in its best interest to:
  1. Avoid conflicts of interest between work-related and family-related obligations
  2. Reduce favoritism or even the appearance of favoritism
  3. Prevent family conflicts from affecting the workplace
The Library will accept employment applications from all interested candidates. However, relatives of a staff member may not be hired if any of the following job relationships will result:
  1. A supervisor is related to a direct subordinate
  2.  The work of one relative is audited by another
  3. Where conflicts of interest exist between either the related persons or the related persons and the Library or any of its vendors
Relatives are defined as a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild, first cousin, nephew, niece, step or in-law equivalents, spouse or domestic partner.