Library Rules of Behavior

SUBJECT: Meeting Room 

PURPOSE: LIBRARY RULES OF BEHAVIOR to describe the standard of behavior expected from patrons of the Wyandanch Public Library.


POLICY: The Wyandanch Public Library Board of Trustees has established certain standards of acceptable behavior on Library property in order to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the use and enjoyment of the resources and services of the Library, promotes the safety of the general public and the Library staff, and protects the building, furniture, equipment, and materials of the Library.


PROCEDURE: Activity that interferes with the rights of other patrons to use the Library, disrupts the normal functioning of the Library, could result in physical, emotional, or mental injury to oneself or others, or could result in damage to the facilities, equipment, or materials is considered disruptive and unacceptable behavior. 


The Library reserves the right to require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises, to restrict privileges for a specified period of time, and to ban the individual from the Library for a specified period of time or permanently. In most cases, a  staff member will notify the individual that he or she is in violation of the standards of  conduct and will provide one verbal warning. Unlawful activities will be reported immediately to the police. 

Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to the following: 


Loud Talking and Laughing. Sensitivity to noise varies from one person or group to another; however, if one person or group is heard above the general noise level in the Library at a particular time, this person or group will be requested to lower their voices. Continuous loud noise in designated quiet areas is prohibited.  Fighting. Includes any type of fighting, whether

real or pretend. Throwing Objects. Includes wadded up papers, paper airplanes, other small objects, and larger objects that could cause injury. Boisterous Behavior. Includes running, horseplay, playing on the elevator, and annoying other patrons. 


Cellular Phones. Use of cellular telephones by patrons is restricted to the Library`s 


Entrance. Abusive or Obscene Language or Gestures. Includes language or gestures that convey a sexually explicit message or are conveyed in a coarse or crude manner and any language that verbally abuses another individual. Solicitation. Includes selling anything for personal gain or a charitable cause except for the Library`s benefit, begging, panhandling, or circulating petitions among other


patrons and staff members.

Eating and Drinking. Includes bringing an open package of food or beverage into the Library or consuming food or beverage within the Library unless such refreshment is provided by the Library or its designee. Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in the Library building or within 50 feet of the Library building. Sleeping. Pertains to habitual sleeping or those who are noisy,

sprawled on furniture, or generally disturbing other patrons. Loitering. Defined as a person who wanders around the Library without apparent legitimate reason and disturbs other patrons.

Restroom Misuse. Includes use of the Library`s restrooms for bathing, shaving,using  hair appliances or washing clothes. 

Personal Belongings . Carrying bags or other containers of personal belongings into  the Library is prohibited, except for bags containing Library materials or research  materials. Bags found on the Library property will be discarded immediately. The  Library assumes no responsibility for personal property and patrons are advised to  watch over their own possessions.