Homebound Service Policy

The Wyandanch Public Library Homebound Service provides free delivery of Library material(s) to patrons who are unable to visit the Library due to a physical or psychological condition.   Eligibility To qualify for homebound service an individual must:
  • Reside in the Wyandanch Public Library service area and possess, or be eligible for, a valid WPL Public Library card;  When the patron resides in a care facility, the
    • Long term care facility must be in the WPL Public Library service area;
    • Short term care facility may be anywhere on Long Island, but the patron’s permanent address must be in the WPL Public Library service area;
  • Be unable to visit the Library for a minimum of two (2) months due to a temporary or permanent illness, impairment, disability or mobility issue;
    • Be unable to visit the Library without the aid of a wheelchair, walker or special transportation;
    • Be unable to visit the Library without the assistance of another person, or without considerable and taxing effort;
    • Have difficulties leaving home;
    • Is confined to home for medical reasons;
    • Live in a long-term or short-term health facility where group transportation is the norm;
  • Describe the need for homebound service to Library Homebound Service staff as part of the application/enrollment process (all information remains confidential, New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules 4509);
  • Upon request, provide certification of the above illness, impairment or disability from a physician, nurse or other health care provider, clergy, social worker, teacher or guidance counselor.  The certification must be on letterhead but does not need to specify the nature of the illness, impairment or disability, only that they are physically or psychologically unable to travel to the Library.
  Delivery of Material The WPL Public Library will send requested materials to the participant’s home or care facility via the United States Postal Service or other commercial delivery service.  Materials are to be returned in the bag provided to the homebound patron for that purpose.  The homebound patron will not incur any postage or delivery fees.  No staff member or volunteer will visit or enter a patron’s home.   Borrowing Privileges
  • All Library materials are eligible to be borrowed except DVDs classified as new or items which are part of a pilot collection;
  • All material may be borrowed for a general loan period of 28 days with renewals as requested.  The homebound service staff may adjust the initial loan period for a period not to exceed 56 days;
  • No overdue fines will be assessed for material loaned to homebound patrons;
  • Homebound patrons will be charged for lost or damaged items unless those are lost are damaged during mailing;
  • Items may be borrowed for the homebound services patron from another library however, it may not be possible to extend the loan period or waive late charges or fines;
  • Up to six * (6*) items may be borrowed at one time. (*Size of items and their fit in mailing bag may result in fewer items being mailed at one time.)  New selection of items will be mailed upon return of the previously borrowed items, or payment of fees for lost or damaged items;
  • This service can be suspended or canceled if materials are not returned in a timely manner, or there are several claims of items lost or damaged in transit;
  • A homebound service patron may designate a family member or home health aide to pick up/deliver items rather than use mailing/delivery service.  Such authorization must be in writing, with date and signature.  Responsibility for lost or damaged items remains with the patron.
  Other The Library Director, or his/her designee, will establish procedures to enact homebound service. A patron’s status as a homebound patron will not prevent that person from occasionally visiting the Library and browsing the collection.  However, multiple visits and use of the service to avoid fines will result in removal from homebound service status.