Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees that all grievances be resolved informally or at the earliest possible state in the grievance procedure. A grievance is any dispute concerning the meaning or application of the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. A grievance may be initiated by any employee on his or her behalf only. Proper chain of command must always be followed in dealing with any grievance. Any employee filing a formal grievance shall submit that grievance in writing to the Director. The submittal should be clearly labeled as a grievance. If the grievance determination made by the Director is unsatisfactory by the employee, then he/she may request that the grievance be referred to the Board of Trustees. All determinations made by the Director shall be made within five business days of the date they are received. All determinations made by the Board of Trustees shall be made within thirty-five days of receipt by the Secretary of the Board. All employees shall be entitled to use the above procedures without fear of reprisal. However, these procedures will not protect an employee from warranted disciplinary action.