Financial Integrity and Accounts

The Board of Trustees recognizes their responsibility, to the residents and taxpayers of the Library district, to assure that the Library maintains an internal accounting and administrative control system that protects the Library’s financial resources. The Board of Trustees will serve in an advisory and oversight role so as to assure that the integrity of the Library’s finances remain unimpeachable. The Director is responsible for developing and maintaining a system of internal financial controls that will adequately protect the Library’s assets and funds. This system of control should involve the staffing and oversight necessary to assure its success. This system should address controls at the departmental as well as Library wide level. The internal control system should be established in accordance with the Standards established by the New York State Comptroller’s Office. The internal controls should be periodically reviewed, evaluated and adjusted. The Director will report evaluations and changes in the internal control system to the Board of Trustees at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The Library’s auditor will submit a written report on the state of the Library’s internal controls as a part of the annual audit.