Computer-Internet Policy

Wyandanch Public Library provides access to their computers to Wyandanch residents who have a library card. The Library also provides access to the Internet, via the Gateway maintained by Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SuffolkWeb). Anyone wishing to use this service must have an account which can be obtained through Wyandanch Public Library and meet the following rules.
  1. Any adult Wyandanch Public Library card holder in good standing, eighteen years of age or older, may apply for an Internet account. The Applicant may be asked to show proof of age. Persons under eighteen years of age will be required to have parental permission to apply for an Internet account.
  2. Wyandanch Public Library (WPL) and the Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS) assume NO responsibility for the content, quality, accuracy or currency of the information obtained through the Internet.
  3. The Internet may contain material of a controversial nature. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children's activities.
  4. Account holders are responsible for the proper use of their Internet account, and for understanding and complying with the SCLS "Acceptable Use Policy". Failure to comply may result in cancellation of their Internet Account.
  5. Any use of this service for unlawful purpose including downloading Copyrighted material is Prohibited.
  6. Any user's traffic which crosses another network may be subject to that network's Acceptable Use Policy.
  7. Any attempt to degrade, disrupt or destroy SCLS or WPL system performance is prohibited and subject to loss of SCLS and WPL privileges.