Bus Policy



Trips must be paid for, in full , at the time of registration. 

District residents may sign up one additional patron at the time of registration. 

Automatic refunds cannot be made unless the space can be filled from the waiting list.  Participants may not substitute a replacement for themselves without the express permission of library staff.  Replacements must be taken on a first-come, first-served basis from any existing waiting list. 

Transportation cannot wait more than 5 minutes for latecomers.  If you do not plan to return with the group, please notify the person in charge.  It is your responsibility to be on time. 

No children under the age of 18 years may travel with the group unless accompanied by an adult.

Patrons must read and sign the Library Trip Waiver and Release Form (600-166a)

Library Trip Waiver & Release Form

Trip Title: _____________________________ 


In consideration of my acceptance as a participant in the cited Library sponsored activity, I agree not to sue or hold liable the Library for any personal injuries or loss or damage to property sustained by me resulting from my participation during the course of the trip.  I release and discharge the Public Library, its Director, Trustees, Officers, Agents, and Employees from liability of any kind, including their negligence or the negligence of others, which results in personal injury or loss or damage to me or my property.  I expressly waive any right I, or my estate may have to assert claims, demands or actions on the matter of any anticipated or unanticipated damages, costs or expenses sustained as a result of injury or loss. 

Furthermore, I am fully aware that there are time restrictions involved on trips set forth by the tour companies.  I understand that it is my responsibility to be at any and all designated areas at the time stated by the Library coordinator.  Failure to do so will be my sole responsibility and may result in the necessity of securing my own transportation to return to the trip origin point at no cost or responsibility to the library. 

Print Name:_______________________   Signature: ______________________



The Library presents a variety of bus trips per year.  One has been an annual event: the Metropolitan Museum of Art/Shopper’s bus trip, in early December.  The others are theater trips, excursions, or other cultural events.  The Library does not schedule gambling trips.

Ideas for successful bus trips can come from:

  • Repeat successful trips
  • Mailings and suggestions from tour agents
  • Newsletters from other libraries
  • Town, senior center, etc. trips
  • Patron, staff and trustee suggestions
  • Theater reviews
  • Any other interesting ventures

Tour Companies that are currently used by the Library:

Long Island

P.O. Box 1

Long Island, New York 11000

Other reputable Tour Companies may be engaged.  Direct bookings of trips may also be considered (calculations for fees may be different than described below).  The Library may also consider co-sponsoring a bus trip with another library/civic organization/school/etc, (calculations may differ).

The Tour Company handles all of the details for each individual trip: they book and pay for the bus, procure and pay for theater tickets, arrange and pay for tours, provide tour guides for excursion type trips, arrange and pay for meals (when included), etc.  The Library pays the Tour Company one check for everything except the bus driver’s gratuity and the deposit.

The Cultural Programing Fund is used to receive and pay for all bus trip expenses.  After a trip is booked, a Cultural Programing Commitment form should be given to the Business Office for commitment of funds.  A contract should be sent from the Tour Company.  If a deposit is due (normally $200.00), it should be sent along with a signed contract.  A Check Request should be filed out and the Business Office will issue a check for the deposit.  

Check Requests should have the following information: 

  • Date of request
  • Amount of check
  • Trip title
  • Date of trip
  • Name and address to whom check is written
  • Explanation of what the check is for
  • Name, signature or initials of the requesting individual 

When the balance is due, another Check Request should be filed out and the Business Office will issue a check.  The final payment will reflect total charges, less deposit and less complimentary seats (if any).  Final payments should be made after the trip or as close to the date of the trip as possible.  All contracts should reflect this.  The Programs Librarian is responsible to read the contract, to make additions/deletions/corrections as necessary, and adhere to the contract to insure the Library’s best interests.

The Library Director or the Board of Trustees reserves the right to make bus trip tickets non-refundable.  Bus Trips may be cancelled at the Library’s discretion or if there is inadequate registration.  If a trip fails to receive adequate registration, refunds will be mailed to patrons.  It is the Programs Librarian’s responsibility to insure cancellations are made in accordance with contracts.  The Library will not accept penalties based on late cancellations.

The contract will state the charge per person for each trip so that the Library may calculate a charge per participant.  The library adds a charge to cover the cost of the Bus Leader and gratuity (normally $2.00), and charges a rounded off fee, i.e. $50.00, not $49.75.  In the case of a co-sponsored trip, this may vary.  The goal is not to make a profit, nor to cause a loss to the Cultural Programing Fund on these trips.

Announcements for bus trips may be placed on flyers, posters, the newsletter, local newspapers, etc.  In addition, flyers may be sent to local civic/educational/recreational organizations that might have interest in trips (i.e. Spangle Drive Senior Center).

Bus trip ticket sales are done in-person beginning on the first day of registration, as announced. The Programs Librarian will have all registration information and sign up sheets available for the first day of registration.  A binder for registration is held at the circulation desk.  Checks are made out to Cultural Programming Fund.  The first day’s registration is limited to library district residents; non-residents may sign up beginning on the second day of registration, space permitting.  Registrants will supply names, addresses and phone numbers of all patrons registering.  If a trip is fully booked, a waiting list may be kept but no check is necessary.  

If a patron wishes to cancel and a wait-listed patron can purchase the seat, a refund may be given.  Since cancellations usually occur with very little lead-time, there is no guarantee that a replacement may be found.  If a replacement is found, a Check Request should be filed out and given to the Business Office; a check will be mailed to the canceling patron.  The Library accepts no responsibility to any patron who is not registered through the Library; patrons may not sell or transfer tickets without the Library’s knowledge and approval.  Unregistered patrons will not be permitted to board the bus.

All registrants will be given a typed information sheet stating:

  • Title of the trip
  • Departure and arrival locations and times
  • Non-smoking policy
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • There are no seat assignments unless a co-sponsor requires assignments
  • Tickets are not transferable
  • The bus will not wait for late patrons
  • The library is not responsible for cars parked by patrons
  • Any other pertinent information

The Bus Leader (chaperone) may be selected from the Library staff (with supervisory approval).  The Programs Librarian making the arrangements for the trips may lead two trips per year, if so desired.  The remaining trips are then made available on a voluntary basis to the staff on a rotating basis.  Should no staff member volunteer, the Programs Librarian must chaperone the trip.  The Bus Leader receives the trip free.

The day counts as a full day for a full-time employee, regardless of the length of the trip.  Compensatory time will be earned when a full time employee leads a trip on his/her usual day off.  A part-time employee leading a trip will be paid at his/her usual rate of pay for usual number of hours usually worked on that day, if a part-time employee is off on the day of the trip, only the trip is paid for.  No additional compensation is offered.

The Bus Leader takes attendance at every stop, counts heads before every departure and functions as the Library’s liaison; the Bus Leader represents the Public Library.  He or she will have detailed information on the itinerary, the attendance, and should be prepared to take charge in the event of an emergency.  When a Tour Company sends a guide, the Bus Leader will work with the guide to ensure a smoothly run trip.  In a situation where a decision has to be made, the Bus Leader will have the final word.  Tour companies must be aware of this stipulation.  The Bus Leader will supply a written report of the trip.  The written report will go to the Programs Librarian and copied to the Library Director.  This report is due within 72 hours of the trip; if problems arose, they should be verbally communicated to the Library Director and the Programs Librarian no later than the next working day.

The Library ordinarily gives each bus driver a check for $40.00 (made out to cash) as a gratuity.  A Check Request should be given to the Business office in advance of the trip.  The gratuity check is given to the Bus Leader to be given to the driver at the conclusion of the trip.

Requests for refunds due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated individually.  Missing the departure time or location, etc. does not qualify.  Any refunds, which are authorized by the Librarian, may be subject to a 20% deduction for administrative and processing expenses.

Any refunds, rebates, gratuities, holdbacks, etc. from the Tour Company are to be deposited in the Cultural Programming Fund.