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The Roosevelt Public Library, as a member of the Nassau Library System Resource Sharing Code, agrees to make resources available to all borrowers who present a valid borrower’s card from any member library, subject to the rules and regulations of the Roosevelt Public Library.

All residents, regardless of age, may participate in the direct access process.

Roosevelt Public Library is not required to loan materials, acquired within the past year, to non-residents.

Roosevelt Public Library reserves the right to limit the loan of all audiovisual materials to its local cardholders.

Reserves and interlibrary loan requests may only be placed at one’s home library.

Roosevelt Public Library may give preference to the residents of Roosevelt in the use of public access computers, and attendance at library programs.

Remote access, (from home or other locations outside the library), to the databases to which the library subscribes may be limited to local taxpayers. This restriction may be a contractual requirement especially if the cost of a subscription is based on population served by the library.

Approved November 1, 2016